Marco Ortisi is both an international speaker and independant penetration tester. Netizen since 1996, he has literally grown up on “bread and vulnerability research”, by studying new attack techniques and developing alternative defense methods.

In more than 18 years as a Penetration Tester, Marco has worked for several big companies and organizations mainly operating in EMEA (Europe and Middle East) by helping them to improve their IT security posture.

As an international speaker, Marco has presented to several cybersecurity conferences around the world (including Blackhat USA) and given dozens of trainings for government, telco and financials institutions.

During his professional career as security consultant, Marco has often developed tools aimed to verify vulnerabilities and flaws affecting crypto implementations, such as the ones shown and released at Blackhat Conference (watch below the Blackhat talk titled “Recover a RSA private key from a TLS session with Perfect Forward Secrecy“):

Today he is involved in the development of cryptosploit.

Some of the Marco’s feedback at Blackhat USA 2016:

    • This was an awesome session. Marco effortlessly and elegantly described a complex vulnerability and demonstrated how to exploit it using tools he created that before were not available. The best session I attended!
    • Exceptional speaker, informative topic, well written materials and organized demo, wonderful demo materials.
    • Best talk I saw at blackhat/defcon.
    • Awesome speaker and his POC was awesome!
    • Great job. clear and good sequence.
    • Invite this speaker back.

‘Marco Ortisi […] launched into an elegant overview of RSA, the theory of the attack, and then demonstrated it using tools he had developed’