Marco’s personal life

Hi! My name is Marco and i am a 36 years old italian guy. I am married, have two dogs (Simeone and Flo) and live in the main south island of Italy called Sicily.

This allows me to conciliate good food with natural landscapes. Indeed i love cooking (and eating 🙂 ). It’s for me as a way to take care of others, following the old greek motto “Guests are sacred“, used in ancient times to describe the courtesy and generosity owed to foreign and local guests.

Siracusa, the city where i come from, was in fact one of the main greek colonies […] “the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all” in the opinion of the famous roman politician and lawyer Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 – 43 BC).

This place, ruined and polluted in certain areas because of industrialization of the 50s and 60s, still offers natural beauties to visit untouched by humans, which allows me to practice trekking and healthy walks together with my dogs. I really love to do that!

Sometimes I feel the need to push myself beyond, like climbing up somewhere or launching into the void, just to prove myself that can do it.

During my youth i practiced soccer, semi-contact and rugby (playing for the legendary Syrako Rugby team since i was 12). Other hobbies are travel and visit new places abroad with my wife, whenever possible, and of course computers (i started with a MSX Toshiba back in 1986). IT & cybersecurity, before to be a job, have always been first of all a passion for me.

Starting from 1996, I am also a proud owner of original TCP/IP and Unix Network Programming series authored by W.R. Stevens.